Igloo Dining in Lemont, IL

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Experience a different kind of dining in Lemont, IL, featuring Igloos. That’s right, enjoy a private dinner with a unique twist during this winter. Igloo dining is now available at Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar in Lemont, IL. The location for Digs is 316 Canal Street. Each igloo can seat 6-8 people, and they feature a climate control system so you won’t be shivering. 

Many couples drive past the igloos when going through downtown Lemont. More often than not, you will need a reservation to book the igloo. The slots are for sale for $25 during lunchtime and $50 at dinner. There will also be a 20% gratuity fee on the bill. For reserving an igloo at Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar, you must place a non-refundable deposit. 

Digs on Canal Kitchen and Bar, Igloo Reservation for dinner, group of friends

You may contact the restaurant for more information on Igloo dining or book reservations by calling 630-243-7210. Or you may email Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar at Info@DigsOnCanal.com

Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar

Dine outside at Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar for an intimate experience with loved ones. The menu featured in this restaurant celebrates the unique story of Lemont, IL. The city was built by hardworking immigrants, including homemade food from scratch. Inside the restaurant, you’ll see old school interior with images from the archives. 

The Lemont Historical Society assisted Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar with hard to get imagery from the past. The walls showcase the digging of the Illinois Canal, Sanitary and Ship Canal, and the creation of the quarries in the city. Below is a picture of men lifting a large half-pipe with a crane. 

Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar Menu

One of the unique aspects of Digs on Canal Kitchen & Bar is their house-smoked specialties. Their menu features attractive options for those looking for traditional tasty dishes. One of the most popular food items is the Mac & Cheese flight. This flight features three skillets of White Cheddar, BBQ Pork, and Tuscan Chicken. 

Another food favorite from this restaurant in Lemont, IL, is their burgers. You have options to choose from when it comes to toppings, but if you want to try something new, simply as the waiter! The house specials are a great place to start for those looking for liquor. 

Digs on Canal Kitchen and Bar Main Entrance

I like the Four Sisters Red Sangria drink. The unique thing is that Digs will donate a portion to Breast Cancer Research! This is a positive incentive, in my opinion, of course, I love wine too. Other drinks to pick from like Dig’s Old Fashioned or the Cosmo. 

Why You Should Try Igloo Dining At Digs On Canal Kitchen & Bar

I’m here to tell you that this restaurant is one of the more unique establishments around. Plain and straightforward, Digs On Canal Kitchen & Bar care about their service. From donating a portion of their drink sales to charity to providing Igloo dining outdoors, this restaurant is a clear winner in Lemont, IL.

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