Best Brunch Restaurants in Chicago

Best brunch restaurants in Chicago

If you’re looking for the best brunch restaurants in Chicago, our top picks will satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a fan of classic dishes or creative twists on breakfast favorites, a brunch spot in Chicago is perfect for you. Check out our curated list of the best restaurants in the Windy city below. 

Golden Apple Grill & Breakfast House

The Golden Apple Grill & Breakfast House in Chicago, Illinois, is a favored spot for locals and visitors. Located in the city’s heart, this cozy restaurant serves delicious breakfast and lunch dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Visit the 24-hour restaurant at 2971 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL. You may also call the Golden Apple Grill by phone at 773-528-1413.

Golden Apple Grill & Breakfast House in Chicago

Sunny Side Up Breakfast & Lunch

Sunny Side Up Breakfast & Lunch is a popular restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, offering delicious breakfast and lunch dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Located on Superior street, this cozy restaurant has a charming atmosphere and a friendly, attentive staff. With its extensive menu and tasty dishes, Sunny Side Up is a must-visit for anyone in the Chicago area who loves great food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Eat at this glorious cafe located at 42 E Superior St, Chicago, IL. Call the brunch eatery at 312-930-4242 for wait times. 

Sunny Side Up Breakfast & Lunch in Chicago

Wake ‘n Bacon

Wake ‘n Bacon is a famous breakfast restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, understood for its delicious dishes and spacious interior. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant offers a comfortable and inviting space for customers to enjoy a hearty breakfast. With its high ceilings and large windows, Wake ‘n Bacon has a spacious and open feel, making it the perfect spot to start your day.

Take your breakfast experience to Wake ‘n Bacon at 420 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL. Call 773-880-5100 for more information regarding availability, etc. 

Wake 'n Bacon in Chicago interior 2023

The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House is a widespread restaurant in Chicago known for its delicious pancake dishes. Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1953, the restaurant has expanded to locations across the United States, including several in the Chicago area. The Original Pancake House is known for its extensive menu of pancakes, including classic buttermilk pancakes, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, and hearty oatmeal pancakes. The restaurant also offers a variety of other breakfast dishes, such as omelets, eggs benedict, and breakfast sandwiches. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory breakfast foods, you’ll find something to love at The Original Pancake House.

Visit the Original Pancake House for classic breakfast fare at 22 E Bellevue Pl, Chicago, IL. Call the restaurant at 312-380-0071 for reservations. 

The Original Pancake House in Chicago

Kanela Breakfast Club

Head to Kanela Breakfast Club for a marvelous dining experience with loved ones. The Chicago restaurant brings a local and organic approach to cuisines. Inspired by Greek tradition and food, this spot serves as a unique place to attend as a food destination. The word ‘Kanela’ means cinnamon in Greek, and you’ll see that many menu items feature this ingredient. I highly recommend couples to go to this restaurant. 

Kanela Breakfast Club is a popular brunch restaurant at 502 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL. Make sure to call the eatery at 312-380-0071 for availability. 

Kanela Breakfast Club interior in Chicago


Yolk is a prevalent breakfast and brunch restaurant founded in Chicago in 2006. The restaurant was created by Taki Kastanis, who wanted to provide high-quality breakfast foods to busy Chicagoans. Yolk quickly became comprehended for its delicious and creative breakfast dishes, such as the “Chicken and Waffles Benedict” and the “Build Your Own Omelette” option. Today, Yolk has expanded to multiple locations across the Chicago area and is a favorite spot for breakfast and brunch. 

Our favorite Yolk location is at 1120 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Call the restaurant at 312-789-9655 for more information.  

Yolk restaurant in Chicago

Batter & Berries

Batter & Berries is a breakfast eatery in Chicago. Founded in 2012 by Tanya and Craig Chasky, the restaurant is known for its tasty and creative dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu features a wide range of breakfast items, including classic dishes such as eggs and bacon and unique offerings like the “Cinnamon Roll French Toast” and the “Smoked Salmon Scramble.” In the morning, Batter & Berries also serves lunch items, such as sandwiches and salads. 

Eat Batter & Berries’ famous pancakes at 2748 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL. You may also call the front desk at 773-248-7710 for reservations and more. 

Batter & Berries in Chicago

Eggy’s Diner Chicago

Eggy’s Diner carries a homey diner feel that’s themed after the 1960s. Order takeout or delivery and still receive great-tasting food for reasonable prices. Enjoy their urban comfort food like skillets, benedicts, omelets, and more. Eggy’s panini sandwiches are also delicious, and I highly recommend them to guests that are visiting. 

Eggy’s Diner is the perfect place to snack, located at 333 E Benton Pl #103, Chicago, IL. Get answers to your questions by calling 773-234-3449

Eggy's Diner in Chicago

3rd Coast Cafe

3rd Coast Cafe is located in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Enjoy their all-day breakfast and eat their great American dishes. For tourists, I invite you to explore their menu on their official website and find your favorite items. When I have brunch at the 3rd Coast Cafe, I pick Diablo’s Beef Sandwich, which is popular in the local area. I recommend you take a look at this establishment in Chicago! 

3rd Coast Cafe is a casual lunch spot at 1260 N Dearborn St, W Goethe St, Chicago, IL. Call the restaurant at 312-649-0730 for reservations. 

3rd Coast Cafe interior in Chicago

Bongo Room

Bongo Room is a fresh-centered restaurant that emphasizes uniqueness in the Chicagoland area. With locations in Wicker Park and Andersonville, people enjoy this place for its french toast and lobster rolls. My wife’s favorite Bongo Room is on Milwaukee Ave; look at some of the photos on their site. You may also order from this breakfast restaurant and eat at home.

Visit the Bongo Room at 1470 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. Call the front desk at 773-489-0690 for more reservations. 

Bongo Room restaurant in Chicago interior

Pittsfield Cafe

If you’re from Chicago, you must’ve heard about the famous Pittsfield Cafe. The restaurant’s cheap early bird specials attract hundreds of customers every day. Featuring an extensive menu, Pittsfield Cafe has some of the best bacon and sausages in the city! The interior of the eatery is actually historic, along with the building. Please take a look t the restaurant’s menu today and make a reservation. 

Pittsfield Cafe is located at 55 East Washington Street Lobby, Chicago, IL. Find more information by calling the restaurant at 312-641-1806

Pittsfield Cafe interior in Chicago

Brunch Near Me

When looking for brunch places in Chicago, IL, there are a few things you can do to ensure you find the perfect spot for your needs. First, consider what type of food you’re in the mood for. Chicago has a wide range of brunch options, from classic American breakfast dishes to international cuisines like Italian and Greek. Once you know what type of food you want, you can start looking for restaurants serving that cuisine.

Another thing to consider is the atmosphere of the restaurant. Do you want a cozy, casual spot to enjoy a leisurely meal, or are you looking for a more lively and energetic atmosphere? Different restaurants in Chicago offer different ambiances, so it’s essential to consider what kind of experience you’re looking for. Please find the best brunch restaurants by checking out our guides. 

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