Chicago Loop Restaurant Guide

Chicago's Loop top restaurants in 2023

The Chicago Loop is the city’s downtown business district and is home to many of its most iconic landmarks, such as the Willis Tower and the Art Institute of Chicago. It is also home to a vibrant dining scene, with something to tempt every palate.

This guide is an extension from our restaurant hub and will take you on a tasty tour of the Chicago Loop, from classic Chicago eateries to trendy new spots. You’ll find everything from deep-dish pizza and Italian beef to sushi and tapas. 

train tracks weaving through Chicago's downtown including the loop

American Restaurants in the Chicago Loop

You can always find American restaurants in the Chicago Loop. Choose the atmosphere you’d like to dine in and find the place to fit your needs. If you’re looking for an inviting space, I recommend trying classic American restaurants. For a more elegant experience, I suggest visiting Upscale American eateries. Check out our top-rated reviews below. 

Pizza in the Chicago Loop

Enjoy having pizza near the river at a restaurant in the Chicago Loop. Fans of exposed brick walls will enjoy trying out the various classic and casual locations. The Loop will also include patios and outdoor seating areas. Learn about some of our favorite pizza places below. 

Seafood Restaurants in the Chicago Loop

The Chicago Loop is also known to have high-rated seafood establishments. These restaurants usually have a luxurious interior decorated with fine china. You can also find Michelin-starred destinations nearby; view more on our reviews. 

Bars in the Chicago Loop

Depending on what vibes you’re looking for, we’ve reviewed many bars in the Chicago Loop. There’s a place for everyone, and much of the scene are welcoming. My favorite nightlife spot around this neighborhood is near the river. Are you a fan of dive bars? Then, you’ll love these drinking holes that offer pool tables, dartboards, and more. 

Breakfast Restaurants in the Chicago Loop

You can’t miss out on breakfast in the Chicago Loop; we’ve curated a detailed list of top spots to visit. Many sophisticated places decorate their setting with white tablecloths. There are great brunch-style restaurants nearby as well. Take a look at our extended list of recommendations in the Chicago Loop.

Steakhouses in the Chicago Loop

The Chicago Loop offers a romantic setting for couples looking to spend time in the night. There are plenty of themed steakhouses that have gorgeous views of the city skyline. Some of my favorite dry-aged beef dishes came from The Loop! Check out some of our popular steakhouse reviews below.

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