About Us

Just Eat Up was an idea that turned into a fun adventure that consists of great restaurants and delicious food. As a couple owned food blog, we bring perspectives from different areas on the spectrum. While Nikola loves the sweet side, Kevin enjoys the spicy side. Just Eat Up aims to include and highlight all restaurants, chefs, news and more.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Just Eat Up found great interest in exploring the windy city’s atmosphere. Chicago is a huge mecca of cultures and with all that comes amazing tasting food. Though the city is a primary focus, we plan to expand our network to include a variety of locations.

How We Find Great Food

Just Eat Up uses many resources to find great food in the areas. Having an analytical background, we jump into the most popular and underrated restaurants that we think everyone needs to see! Our food blog also takes in requests from our opportunities available on our site.

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If you have any special requests, or want us to try out your restaurant, please fill out the contact form below!

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