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Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood is home to some of the city’s finest restaurants. From high-end steakhouses to casual cafes, there’s something for everyone visiting from downtown. In this guide, we’re categorizing restaurants in the Gold Coast neighborhood by cuisine. 

Check out our top recommendations for restaurants that serve American pizza, seafood, bars, and more. Dive deeper with the review pages and find menus, interior features, reservations, and photos. Once you’ve completed your trip to the Gold Coast, try out more places featured in the Chicago Restaurant Guide.

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American Restaurants in Gold Coast

American cuisine is known for its variety and its use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. After shopping around the upscale shops, you can find classic comfort food and innovative new dishes at American restaurants in Gold Coast Chicago. 

Pizza in Gold Coast

Chicago visitors should always try a Chicago-style deep dish pizza in Gold Coast. The thick dough is filled with cheese and sauce, making you crave. Gold Coast is also known for other types of pizza, like Neapolitan and wood-fired. 

Seafood Restaurants in Gold Coast

Seafood restaurants in the Gold Coast are known for their stylish decor and attentive service. You can find everything from classic dishes like lobster rolls, fish, and chips to more creative dishes like seared scallops with cauliflower puree.

Bars in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a great place to go out for a night on the town. There are bars to suit all tastes, from lively dance clubs to cozy cocktail bars. The bartenders on the Gold Coast are experts in their craft. They can help you choose the perfect drink to suit your taste.

Breakfast Restaurants in Gold Coast

Oh, you’re headed to the Gold Coast? You’re in for a treat! There’s a fantastic breakfast scene there, with many spots offering everything from relaxed cafe vibes to fancy dining experiences. You’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

Steakhouses in Gold Coast

Explore various cuts of steak at some of the most luxurious steakhouses in Chicago. The Gold Coast is home to beautiful scenery decorated with fine wine and famous grills. Using our test list of top places to eat meat, you’ll discover what truly makes these places unique. 

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