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Fry The Coop restaurant chicken sandwich lineup featuring donut

Enjoy delicious halal chicken sandwiches from Fry The Coop, a popular restaurant in Elmhurst, IL. They offer a variety of heat levels and unique food items that’ll make you want to return. Check out Fry The Coop’s menu for the best Nashville fried chicken. My favorite sandwich is the spicy butter chicken sandwich that’s served in a Brioche bun. Many customers also love the restaurant’s tenders as it’s offered in many different heat levels. You may even get local craft beer at many Fry The Coop locations. 

Ever tried a chicken sandwich in a donut bun? What about pouring hot maple syrup on a basket filled with tenders? Visit Fry The Coop to try these combinations and more. My wife also enjoyed the restaurant’s side items like fries and pickles. Most Fry The Coop customers prefer the medium heat level. The restaurant offers six flavors: Country, Mild, Medium, Hot, Crazy, and Lil Insanity. 

Visit the famous Fry The Coop chicken sandwich restaurant at 623 W North Ave, Elmhurst, IL. For any questions, call the eatery at 630-359-5223. 

Fry The Coop restaurant in Elmhurst, IL beer and chicken

Fry The Coop Restaurant Review

Fry The Coop is a top-rated restaurant that serves chicken sandwiches. Our review of the Elmhurst location is great taste, fast service, and unique options. Fry The Coop now has multiple locations in Illinois, including Oak Lawn, Elmhurst, Prospect Heights, Tinley Park, West Town, and Portage Park. Many customers love trying the restaurant’s six different heat levels. Another tasty feature about Fry The Coop is their chicken; it’s 100% Halal certified. 

Fry The Coop Elmhurst

Fry The Coop restaurant in Elmhurst, IL, is rated one of the best eateries in the city. They also offer catering services for significant events like weddings. Try Fry The Coop’s famous donut fried chicken sandwich makes rounds on social media. My wife loves the restaurant’s heat levels, and I like how they use beef fat for frying. 

Fry The Coop Heat Levels

Fry The Coop has six different heat levels for customers to choose from. I personally think anything above the medium hotness is too hot. Fry The Coop is known to fry their food in beef fat, which adds extra flavor. Take a look at all of the restaurant’s heat levels below.

  • Country – No Heat
  • Mild – Taste the Flavor
  • Medium – Feel the Heat
  • Hot – Feel the Burn
  • Crazy – Call 911
  • Lil Insanity – R.I.P.

Fry The Coop Menu

Fry The Coop’s specialty chicken sandwich comes with various sides. You can enjoy a beer at some of the restaurant locations. Take a look at Fry The Coop’s menu below. 


  • Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich
  • Chicago Hot Chicken Sandwich
  • Chicken and Cheese Sandwich
  • Spicy Butter Chicken Sandwich
  • Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich


  • 2 Tenders, bread, pickles &sauce
  • 3 Tenders, bread, pickles,& sauce

Chicken & Waffles

  • 2 tenders, waffle, spicy honey butter &maple syrup


  • Messy Fries
  • House Fries
  • Seasoned Fries
  • Cheese Fries
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Pickles
Fry The Coop chicken sandwich and tenders in Elmhurst, IL

Fry The Coop Nashville Hot Chicken

Get some of the best-tasting Nashville Hot Chicken at Fry The Coop. Their Halal chicken sandwiches have made the restaurant a must-visit. Our favorite Fry The Coop location is in Elmhurst, IL. Find more information about the restaurant in this article. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich Near Me

Find the best fried chicken sandwich near your location. We recommend trying the Fry The Coop restaurant in Elmhurst, IL, for a great experience. I love when fried chicken sandwiches are made with Halal meat. Visit our homepage for more fried chicken sandwiches. 

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