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Chicago is home to many traditional Mexican restaurants that serve delicious food. Get authentic dishes that’ll make you return with more friends. Enjoy a drink of your own at BYOB establishments throughout nearby areas. This guide has added details and information about our top recommendations for Mexican food in Chicago.  

Whether you’re into tacos, birria, soups, or seafood, we’ve got the places for you. Using Google reviews as a barometer, here are the top-rated culinary destinations for Mexican food in Chicago. This article features Barrio, La Josie, La Cantina, XOCO, and more. We’ve also included restaurants known for specialty cocktails, happy hour menus, and fresh ingredients. Addresses and phone numbers accompany each restaurant overview for convenience. 


Barrio is more than a typical Mexican restaurant, bringing a modern twist to the culinary scene. Equipped with a rustic feel, many find this place a great option to dine in. View through their large photo gallery featuring beautiful plating and food. Take your date to this creative spot and drink from their extensive tequila menu. 

Dine at Barrio located at 353 North Clark, 65 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL. You may call the restaurant at 312-940-9900.

Barrio restaurant interior in Chicago, IL

La Josie

La Josie is another popular Mexican restaurant in Chicago showcasing classic Jalisco dishes. Representing culture in a variety of ways, this eatery is designed to make you feel like you’re in an upscale place. My favorite liquor at La Josie is Mezcal; they have a nice variety. I recommend coming here for brunch with loved ones. 

Visit La Josie at 740 Randolph St, Chicago, IL for a great dining experience. Get ahold of the front desk by calling 312-929-2900.

La Josie luxury Mexican restaurant in Chicago


Mercadito Mexican restaurant in Chicago offers cocktails in an intimate setting and delicious food. Many Google reviewers comment on the fresh ingredients and the authentic vibe. Mercadito is a great place to take pictures with your spouse. One of my favorites from the Mexican restaurant in the ceviches. Call them today to see their availability in Chicago! 

Make a resrevation at Mercadito located at 108 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL. Make sure to call them ahead of your arrival at 312-329-9555.

Mercadito interior with greenery in Chicago

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant is known for its excellent atmosphere in Chicago. Customers have reviewed this location and rated it as one of the best places to drink margaritas. Head over to this spot for a quick bite, and make sure you tip your bartender! Explore Maria’s Mexican Restaurant menu here. 

You can visit Maria’s Mexican Restaurant by driving to 9440 Foster Ave, Chicago, IL. For availability, make sure to call 773-992-2288.

Maria's Mexican Restaurant exterior in Chicago, IL

La Cantina

If you’re looking for a cute casual spot to eat Mexican food, visit La Cantina. This Michigan Avenue restaurant features classic favorites, and it’s usually busy. I highly recommend making reservations if you have a large party. Check out the menu page to view all the options on their website. Find directions to this Mexican restaurant with the contact details we provided below. 

Visit the most popular location for La Cantina at 1911 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. More more information about the restaurant, call 312-842-1911.

La Cantine restaurant interior in Chicago, IL


XOCO is one food place that keeps the Latino tradition alive with their dishes. Some of their popular items include Baja Chicken Tortas, Chicken Tinga tacos, and more. Ask the server for the seasonal menu to view current specials. Chicago foodies would also tell you to try XOCO’s Hot Chocolates. Learn more about this restaurant in Chicago on its official website. 

You may need to call ahead to book a reservation by phoning 312-842-1911. Visit XOCO restaurant at 1911 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL.

XOCO restaurant interior in Chicago, IL

5 Rabanitos Restaurante & Taqueria

5 Rabanitos Restaurante & Taqueria servers generous portions of their Mexican food. Order online pickup or delivery by calling them at 312-285-2710. You’ll be immersed in their bright-colored walls and tasty dishes. 5 Rabanitos takes reservations for parties of over eight people. Take a look at the restaurant’s menu photos available here. 

Dine at this classic restaurant which is located at 1758 W 18th, Chicago, IL. Find details about the menu by calling the food spot at 312-285-2710.


Not in a rush while visiting Chicago? Take a walk to L’Patron and savor the flavors of their tacos. The Mexican eatery also sells other street food that any tourist would love. If you’re in a hurry, I suggest calling ahead to get your order started. L’Patron delivers impressive tacos and taste, and I’m not surprised! 

Dine at this laid back restaurant located at 3749 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL. Phone 773-799-8066 to check out busy it is.

L'Patron restaurant exterior in Chicago, IL

Chicago Mexican Restaurants

Chicago Mexican Restaurants are relatively easy to come by when visiting the city. Check out our Latin-based eateries on our main restaurant hub. Find similar restaurants as XOCO by reading our other reviews. Next time you’re in Chicago, try some of the featured restaurants in this article. 

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