Mole De Mayo Food Festival in Chicago

Enjoy international food with traditional art, music, and more at Mole De Mayo Festival. The food event will occur in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Rated as some of the best tasting Mole in the city area, Mole De Mayo is aimed to celebrate culture from Mexican heritage.  You can even see Lucha libreContinue reading “Mole De Mayo Food Festival in Chicago”

River North’s Chicago Donut Fest

Donut lovers from around the city join together for a great tasting! River North is hosting a Chicago Donut Fest where you can buy tickets to receive drinks and, of course, donuts. River North’s Donut Fest will also include freebies from Doordash, Bitcoin, free food, and more!  This Chicago food event will also feature aContinue reading “River North’s Chicago Donut Fest”

Chicago Gourmet Food Festival

Take your foodie experience to the next level by attending Chicago Gourmet. This food event attracts foodies from all over the nation to its diverse culinary scene. Each year the Grand Tasting event takes place in Millennium Park. Enjoy dinners with local chefs, dishes from around the globe, and sweets that’ll make you cry!  TheContinue reading “Chicago Gourmet Food Festival”

Lincoln Park Wine Fest in Chicago, IL

Enjoy the beautiful scenery that Lincoln Park has to offer while enjoying wine. Have fun with loved ones by visiting Chicago and walking around in this open-air market. The Lincoln Park Wine Fest features a variety of selections from top wineries. The food event will take place on October 7 – 9, 2022, and LincolnContinue reading “Lincoln Park Wine Fest in Chicago, IL”