River North’s Chicago Donut Fest

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Donut lovers from around the city join together for a great tasting! River North is hosting a Chicago Donut Fest where you can buy tickets to receive drinks and, of course, donuts. River North’s Donut Fest will also include freebies from Doordash, Bitcoin, free food, and more! 

This Chicago food event will also feature a photo contest, where users can submit a picture and tag @RiverNorthFests on social media. Winners will receive tickets to food festivals, skyline cruises, and more. Another great opportunity from River North’s Chicago Donut fest is their sponsorships. 

The food event will be in Chicago, IL, at Moe’s Cantina River North. The highly anticipated Donut Fest is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd, at noon. The address for Moe’s Cantina is 155 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL. 

River North's Chicago Donut Fest colorful rainbow donuts

About River North Fests

River North Festivals are popular among the Chicago crowd. The popular food event includes many crawls and fun activities for foodies. River North also hosted Chicago Wine Fest, Chicago Beer fest, Chicago Whiskey Festivals, and Chicago Taco, Fiesta. 

From booze cruises to New Year’s specials, River North Fests are sure to have an event happening soon. Currently, for the Donut Festival, you can get paid by spreading the word as an ambassador. 

How To Become A Vendor For The Chicago Donut Fest 

If you’re thinking about showcasing your great-tasting donut, apply to become a vendor. Email River North and submit your photos to Donut@RiverNorthFests.com. Spaces may be limited, so it’s vital to email as early as you can. 

River North's Chicago Donut Fest variety of donuts including pistachio, chocolate, cream

Why You Should Attend The Chicago Donut Fest at Moe’s Cantina

Attend a great food event in the City at Moe’s Cantina to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re a passionate donut connoisseur like me, you won’t miss out on these great designs, tasty flavors, and delicious creams. Moe’s Cantina is an excellent venue for a donut tasting in Chicago because of its custom-made chandeliers and brick walls. These aesthetics are what make the culinary experience a memorable one. 

How Much Are Chicago’s Donut Festival Tickets?

Right now, you can buy tickets for the River North’s Chicago Donut Fest Tasting for $25-$30. Each ticket will include three drink vouchers for mimosas or beer and donuts. Meet the Chicago food scene by attending this popular event. Take your spouse or a friend and enjoy complimentary beer and sweet donuts! 

Chicago’s Donut Festival Review

River North’s Donut Tasting in Chicago occurred before in 2018. Many reviewed the event as a great time, though some left disappointed. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to wait for tasty donuts, the event will be worth it. Some foodies complained about long lines forming and tasteless mimosas, and others reported that the event was a bit disorganized and overbooked. After some years to reflect, River North is ready to show others their progress in event planning. 

Regardless, it seems as if those are true fans of donuts, appreciated the event. You may find photos online of people’s donuts, and they often feature a smile. We’re excited to see what River North Chicago’s Donut Festival has in store for us this year!

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