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Take your foodie experience to the next level by attending Chicago Gourmet. This food event attracts foodies from all over the nation to its diverse culinary scene. Each year the Grand Tasting event takes place in Millennium Park. Enjoy dinners with local chefs, dishes from around the globe, and sweets that’ll make you cry! 

The Chicago Gourmet consists of a couple of events, including the Grand Tasting, Hamburger Hop, Go Gourmet Dinner Series, and the Grand Cru. Usually, the food event is set up with tents on the grassy field near the stadium. Many of Chicago’s top restaurants will be there serving wine, beer, food, and more. You may even get your cooking book signed by your favorite chef author!

The Chicago Gourmet food festival will begin September 23 – 25, 2022. 

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Hamburger Hop

Many Chicagoans are burger fans, so it’s no surprise that this food event will dedicate a portion of the schedule to it. The list of chefs will compete for the best burgers for dine-in, delivery, and carry-out. For the 2022 Chicago Gourmet Food Festival this year, contestants will be from restaurants such as Bar Sotano, BLVD Steakhouse, Eris Brewery, Funkenhausen, and more. Pair your tasty burger with local beer and wine from nearby restaurants! 

Go Gourmet Dinner Series

The Go Gourmet Dinner Series at the Chicago food festival is an intimate experience. With inspiring chefs from many restaurants onboard, this evening features unique menus. It’s pretty impressive how restaurants transform their space for a theme to match the gourmet style. In September, you’ll be able to enjoy the Chicago weather while having fine wine. 

Chicago gourmet food festival Mediterranean platter with chicken, wings, and beef .

Grand Cru

The Grand Cru from the Chicago Gourmet festival is an exclusive event extension. The Grand Cru is known for its fantastic tasting experience and enjoying fine dining while learning from the experts. Usually, the Grand Cru event will be held at the Harris Theater rooftop, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. At this tasting, you’ll be able to try the world’s finest wines and delectable cuisines. 

Chicago gourmet food festival Chinese  lo main noodles

Why You Should Go To Chicago Gourmet Food Festival

Chicago Gourmet is rated five stars by thousands of food lovers. It’s true to say that this food event is extra glorious because of the views you get from Millennium Park. Enjoy great food around warming skylines and enthusiasm among peers. Many visitors report having personal connections and advice from top chefs from around the globe. 

I recommend attending Chicago’s Gourmet Food Festival if you’re into trying new things. The ideas are pushed beyond limits when it comes to this culinary event, and if you’re a foodie like me, you sure want to see what these people are coming up with! The food festival is best for families, friends, and couples. Feel free to contact Chicago Gourmet if you have any questions or ask for vendor opportunities. 

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