Mole De Mayo Food Festival in Chicago

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Enjoy international food with traditional art, music, and more at Mole De Mayo Festival. The food event will occur in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Rated as some of the best tasting Mole in the city area, Mole De Mayo is aimed to celebrate culture from Mexican heritage. 

You can even see Lucha libre as there will be a wrestling ring right on the road. Not only will there be entertainment, but famous local chef legends will put in work for your taste buds. Don’t get it twisted, and this festival is more like a competition since many restaurants are showcasing their versions of Mexican classics. 

Mole De Mayo will be held at Ashland and 18th Street in Chicago, IL. The food festival dates are Friday, May 27 – 29, 2022. The hours for Mole De Mayo are 12 pm – 10 pm. 

Mole sauce with tacos and beans, and spices

Mole De Mayo Food

Learn the differences between regions with specialty mole dishes at the food festival. Walk around Pulsen’s popular eateries and drink a spicy michelada! If spice isn’t your thing, you may try an agua fresca to any other dish like tacos, tamales, and more. 

Traditional mole dish with chicken, rice and beans

What’s interesting about the food festival is that over 20 restaurants are participating in the event. Individuals who attend the event will be able to vote for the year’s best mole award! Of course, the winners will likely receive a flood of new customers through the doors, but an excellent experience for those interesting in Mexican cuisine. 

Mole De Mayo Music

One of the popular attractions at the Mole De Mayo Festival is the music. Usually, there are two stages located near the entrance to the food event. You get to feel and hear the international music styles from local musicians and singers. You’ll truly feel like you’re in a different place when listening to the live acts. 

Mole De Mayo Market

Take your Mole De Mayo experience to the next level by shopping Mexican culture through the market. Mole De Mayo features many vendors that sell hand-crafted jewelry like bracelets, clothing, and more. Some Mexican merchants are crafting live so you can see them in action. Take home a one-of-a-kind piece from Mole De Mayo! There’s quite a variety of goods and wares for all ages. 

traditional Mexican spices used for mole sauce

Mole De Mayo Performances  

You can’t have a Mexican event without some performances! At Mole De Mayo, you will fall in love with the cultural dances performed by Aztecs, Mexicans, and more. Please look at their colorful dresses and listen to the music as they showcase ensembles and other tricks. 

And lastly, get thrilled when you see Mexican Lucha libre wrestling. At the outdoor food festival in Chicago, you will see dramatic entrances by these high-flying athletes. Appreciate the cultural art and masks these icons wear as they wrestle around in the ring. Crowds get intense, so please attend the event early so you can reserve a great spot. 

The Eighteenth Street Development Corporation organizes the festival. This organization is non-profit and has been in the Pilsen neighborhood for over 30 years.

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