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I frequently visit Plainfield, Illinois, to see my family; we love trying out the new restaurants in the area. After reviewing many places on Google, we’ve come to share our experiences through our website. Whether you’re hungry for burgers, pasta, or BBQ, Plainfield has plenty of restaurants to try! 

We’ve created a top-notch list of restaurants in Plainfield you must visit here. In this article, we’re going to summarize more establishments to try. This article shows a featured list of Italian & American restaurants. If you’re around the area briefly, I recommend heading over to Sovereign for lunch or dinner. 

Find more places to eat delicious food by visiting our restaurants’ page. Feel free to recommend some choices for us to try that should be mentioned here! 

Best Restaurants in Plainfield, IL

Regarding the best restaurants in Plainfield, IL, we check a few sources, including our own experiences. Some factors that we consider include the atmosphere, service, and food/drinks. Since our list below will feature the best of the best, planning ahead and making reservations would be wise! Here’s our list of top restaurants in Plainfield:

  • Sovereign
  • Baby Back Blues BBQ
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Vita Bella
  • Steve Buresh’s Cheesecake Store
  • Sushi N Noodle
  • NWB Whiskey Bar
  • Opera Steakhouse 

Italian Restaurants in Plainfield, IL

Nothing beats a quality Italian restaurant that serves freshly made pasta, pizza, and wine. Plainfield, IL, has glittered with top-notch restaurants that feature this cuisine. Most of these places require a reservation as it gets busy during the weekends. Check out the best Italian restaurants in Plainfield, IL, below:

  • Capri Sogno
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Aurelio’s Pizza
  • Giambotta Pizza Co.
  • Franco’s Pizza
  • Cemeno’s Pizza
  • Michael’s Pizza
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American Restaurants in Plainfield, IL

Great-tasting American restaurants can take a lot of work to come by in rural areas. Luckily, Plainfield, IL is home to a Mecca of tasty traditional foods. Station One Smokehouse is by far one of my favorite places for cheeseburgers. They feature a delicious blend of meats to make a memorable dish. You can also find an extensive list of restaurants that serve BBQs in Plainfield. Take a look at the best American restaurants in Plainfield, IL:

  • Station One Smokehouse
  • Sovereign
  • HopScotch & Vine
  • Moe Joe’s
  • Backroads Burger & Bar
  • Uptown
  • Tap House Grill
  • Chop’d
  • McBride’s Pub and Grille
  • Fox’s Restaurant & Pub
American restaurant cooking burgers on grill in Plainfield, IL

Bars in Plainfield, IL

Enjoy a large list of beer selections at the bars in Plainfield, IL. One common theme I experienced around the bar scene in this city is the friendliness of the staff and community. I felt welcomed, and some people even chatted with my wife and me, which quickly led to complimentary drinks! Check out my favorite list of bars in Plainfield, IL:

  • NWB Whisky Bar
  • Craft’d
  • Tap House Grill
  • Fox’s Restaurant
  • McBride’s
Bars at Craft'd in Plainfield, IL


Sovereign restaurant deserves its own section in this article because of its food. Our experience there has been great each time, and the staff continues to be friendly despite being busy. The restaurant opened its doors in 2014 and vowed never to serve frozen food. I love Sovereign’s list of craft beers as well as wine. It’s important to note that the restaurant utilizes local food when creating new menu items. I recommend giving Socereign a try, and I encourage others to make reservations.

Sovereign is located at 24216 W Lockport St, Suite B, Plainfield, IL. If you have any questions, please call the restaurant at 815-556-8577.

Sovereign bartender pouring drink in Plainfield, IL

Restaurants Near Me

Of course, Plainfield is one of many cities we visit for delicious food. You can find more options for eating places by visiting our restaurant reviews page. View more menus nearby and choose a spot that is perfect for you. If you have any suggestions for us to try, please get in touch with us on our social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

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