Best Restaurants in Plainfield, IL

best restaurants in Plainfield

We’ve visited many Plainfield, IL restaurants to find the best places to eat and drink. From drinking glorious mixed drinks to beautiful dishes of gourmet food, you’ll find a place for you. Check out our curated list of best restaurants in Plainfield, IL, for couples, families, and friends. Enjoy a night out with friends at Backroads Pub and have their famous cheeseburgers. There are plenty of options for dinner available in Plainfield and neighboring cities.

Explore various menus from the best restaurants in Plainfield, IL. Use our guide below to find details about the interior, service, and more. Many restaurants in Plainfield offer tasty entrees and delicious cocktails. After reviewing many Google reviews, we found a few restaurants that stood out in Plainfield, IL. Learn more details and contact information on these locations in this article.  

Backroads Pub and Grill

Backroads Pub & Grill is a neighborhood staple in Plainfield, IL. The local beer garden is the place to be for events, gatherings, and parties. Hosted by attentive servers, you’re sure to love the space you’re in at Backroads. Ask about the restaurant specials upon seating and try their new drinks! 

Visit Backroads Pub and Grill at 13717 US-30 Suite 101, Plainfield, IL. Call the front for availability at 815-733-6054

Backroads Pub and Grill restaurant in Plainfield, IL

HopScotch & Vine

HopScotch & Vine offers an upscale, cozy place to enjoy cocktails and wine. The chic interior is accompanied by a seasonal outdoor setting that satisfies guests. Explore their extensive list of drinks and choose your favorites. HopScotch & Vine also provides breakfast/lunch menus for diners. You may also plan a private event at this wine-drinking spot. 

Have a glass of wine at HopScotch & Vine, located at 24047 W. Lockport, IL, Plainfield, IL. Call them at 815-230-5609 for reservations. 

HopScotch & Vine restaurant in Plainfield


Sovereign is a farm-based eatery in Plainfield, IL, that the community loves. The restaurant slams a diverse menu filled with seasonal dishes and craft drinks. Sovereign is the place to go when you have a large group of friends or family. Look at their menu to learn more about what’s being offered for the night. 

Visit Sovereign at 24216 Lockport St Ste B, Plainfield, IL. Call the restaurant at 815-556-8577 for reservations. 

Sovereign restaurant in Plainfield, IL


Craft’d is another restaurant I love dining at when visiting Plainfield, IL. Equipped with a modern interior, this place is a great place to start your night. Check out Craft’d menu to see your food and drink options. 

Walk to Craft’d at 16031 S Lincoln Hwy, Plainfield, IL. Call the restaurant at 815-782-8832 for availability. 

Craft'd restaurant in Plainfield, IL

Moe Joe’s

Moe Joe’s features a mix of Cajun and Caribbean service and food. This restaurant is a popular choice among the community in Plainfield, IL. Get served the best seafood around the area while enjoying cocktails at Moe Joe’s. 

Dine at Moe Joe’s at 24033 Lockport St, Plainfield, IL. You may call the front desk at 815-230-2790 for availability. 

Station One Smokehouse

Lastly, we have the Station One Smokehouse restaurant in Plainfield, IL. This iconic eatery is famous for its smoked meats and brisket burgers. Station One Smokehouse uses some of the sharpest cheddar cheeses in its dishes. 

Order at Station One Smokehouse at 15025 S Des Plaines St, Plainfield, IL. Call them at 815-271-6328 for more information. 

Station One Smokehouse interior in Plainfield, IL
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