Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Review

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Restaurant Review in West Town Chicago

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse is a contemporary food destination for tourists. If you’re near West Town, Chicago, you must visit this popular restaurant! My favorite things about this place include its DIY Korean BBQ style, energetic setting, and tasty dishes. I recommend making a reservation to avoid waiting issues. 

Explore all the details about Iron Age Korean Steakhouse in this review. We will look through the atmosphere, photos, and menu. Some things to highlight include BBQ meats, bibimbap, and more. The West Town restaurant is wheelchair accessible and is perfect for families. 

Dine at Iron Age Korean Steakhouse at 1265 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. Make sure to give the restaurant a call at 773-697-7622 for waiting times.

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Restaurant featuring grill on table

Reasons Why I Love Iron Age Steakhouse

Iron Age Steakhouse offers something different from other restaurants in West Town. One of the reasons why I love this Korean barbecue place is its interactive dining experience that allows you to cook your own food. I also want to highlight their attentive staff because the steakhouse is loud, but they are always quick to help with any requests. Lastly, Iron Age Steakhouse is an affordable option compared to other all-you-can-eat restaurants. 

How To Make Reservations at Iron Age Korean Steakhouse

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse now allows you to make reservations directly through their Google profile. To do so, click on the “JOIN WAITLIST” button, and you will be directed to available times. Alternatively, you can visit the restaurant on a walk-in basis, as it operates on a first-come, first-serve policy. If you prefer to call the restaurant, you can reach Iron Age at 773-697-7622.

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Menu

My favorite Iron Age Korean Steakhouse menu items have to be the Bulgogi, Japchae, and Pork belly. The marinades are sweet and savory, and the meat’s skin is crispy. Overall, all the meat is tasty, and you’re sure to be filled by the end of the experience. To view the full menu, check out the Iron Age Korean Steakhouse website






  • Plain Prok Belly (gluten-free)
  • Pork Steak
  • Pork Bulgogi


  • Brisket (gluten-free)
  • Steaks(gluten-free & seasoned)
  • Bulgogi


  • Spicy Squid
  • Shrimp
Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Restaurant

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse Photos

When you see pictures of Iron Age Korean Steakhouse, you’ll see guests sitting and surrounding a grill in the middle of tables. There is various food that the restaurant offers, and the menu will want you to try everything. View the latest photos inside Iron Age Korean Steakhouse on Google Maps. You may also visit their website for great gallery pictures.

Top Steakhouses in West Town Chicago

West Town is known for its vibrant energy and its trendy steakhouses. If you’re looking for an interesting night out that will get you engaging with your guests, try Iron Age Korean Steakhouse! This restaurant holds a top spot in our West Town dining guide. Please don’t stop here; make sure you check out our popular Chicago restaurant hub to find more steakhouses nearby.

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