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If you’re at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL, you must try the best restaurants nearby. Many fine dining experiences are available to help wind you down after shopping. Schaumburg restaurants like Stonewood Alehouse, Bonefish Grill, and Shaw’s Crab House feature extensive menus. After researching the best places to eat in the city, we’ve created the top list for 2022.

Easily make reservations at the best restaurants in Schaumburg, IL, by clicking on the attached buttons below. You can see photos of the top eateries in this article, or you may find them on social media. Is there a restaurant that deserves to be on this list? Contact us on Instagram or fill out our contact form to inform us about a new restaurant in Schaumburg, IL! 

Stonewood Alehouse

Stonewood Alehouse proves itself as a staple restaurant in Schaumburg, IL. This eatery features spacious tables and contemporary looks. Enjoy wood-fired meals in the restaurant’s lodge-like interior. Me and my spouse love coming here when we don’t want to dress up for a fancy occasion. Check out their extensive menu that features many American classics at affordable prices. 

Visit the Stonewood Alehouse restaurant at 601 Mall Dr, Schaumburg, IL. Call the hostess by phoning 847-805-0202.

Stonewood Alehouse restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is a casual dining restaurant chain in Tampa, Florida. Take in their attention to detail and enjoy their specialty cocktails. Or, try their signature seafood dishes that are made to inspire. We visited Bonefish Grill in Schaumburg with many Google recommendations and reviewed the restaurant. We’re huge fans of their seafood menu if you’re interested in unique entrees. 

Drive to Bonefish Grill at 180 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL. Make a call to the restaurant at 847-534-0679

Bonefish Grill restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

Shaw’s Crab House

Shaw’s Crab House is a premier seafood restaurant in Schaumburg, IL. The eatery offers a large menu filled with a variety of dishes. Shaw’s Crab House is most known for its fresh fish and desserts. Try the restaurant’s seasonal fruit pies while enjoying crafted cocktails. 

Head over to Shaw’s Crab House at 1990 E Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, IL. Call the front desk for reservations at 847-517-2722

Shaw's Crab House restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

Big Bowl Schaumburg

Big Bowl Schaumburg is a local favorite regarding Chinese and Thai fare. Extend your food palette by eating some of this restaurant’s signature dishes. Big Bowl is near the Woodfield Mall, so it’s convenient for shoppers. Take advantage of their weekly specials to save money while dining at this restaurant. 

Visit the Big Bowl restaurant at Streets of Woodfield 1950, E Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, IL. Call the location for reservations at 847-517-8881

Big Bowl restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

Village Tavern & Grill

Village Tavern & Grill is a homey place for many visitors looking for large proportions. This family-friendly bar has highly-rated chicken fingers and burgers. The last time I visited, Village Tavern served me large chicken tenders with a delicious special sauce. 

You can find Village Tavern & Grill at 901 W Wise Rd, Schaumburg, IL. Call the restaurant at 847-891-8866 for reservations. 

Village Tavern restaurant in Schaumburg, IL
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