Bonefish Grill Review

If you’re looking for a casual, vibrant setting, check out Bonefish Grill in Schaumburg, IL. This grill will make you feel comfortable with their kind staff and urgent cooks. Designed with candles and space, you can easily find yourself in an intimate experience. They pride themselves in crafting the perfect fish dish for you by taking you on a guide.

Know everything about the fish you eat, like where it’s from, what it tastes like, etc. Each seafood dish also recommends a wine pairing for optimal dining. This excellent seafood chain started in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2000.

“The Bonefish Way” is a common phrase as it represents its core values. Part of their restaurant philosophy is to perfect each detail when it comes to presentation. Each cocktail is hand-crafted, and each fish is personalized for each guest.

bonefish grill fish mashed potatoes and spinach

What Is The Best Dish At Bonefish Grill?

My visit to Bonefish Grill consisted of many drinks, appetizers, and fantastic fish. I enjoyed a lot of things the restaurant offered, but the shrimp appetizer was a unique taste. The creamy sauce makes you want to ask for more! The sea bass was nice and tasty for me if you’re looking for fish. Tag us on social media about what you’re favorite dish is!

Bonefish Grill Near Me

Find the nearest Bonefish Grill by checking their locations page. The pictures in this article feature the Bonefish Grill in Schaumburg, IL. If you are in the Illinois area, visit their other locations, including; Algonquin, Orland Park, Schaumburg, and Skokie.

bonefish grill cocktails with salt on rim

Bonefish Grill Happy Hour

If you’re looking for the happy hour menu for Bonefish Grill, we got you! Their ‘Hand-Crafted’ Happy Hour starts daily at 4 p.m. Though each restaurant may differ in selections, most will have the following specials. Draft beers are $1 off, house wines for $5, Spirits for 6$.

One of the more popular drinks available during happy hour at Bonefish Grill is the blueberry lemon drop. This hand-crafted cocktail consists of Absolut Citron, sour mix, Puree, and sugared rum. You may also choose the classic fresh margarita and enjoy your company.

Bonefish Grill Menu

Check out Bonefish Grill’s menu below for a general idea on what to expect. Each location may have a different menu, but usually, they have very similar dishes.


  • Bang Bang Shrimp
  • Ahi Tuna Sashimi
  • Imperial Dip
  • Maryland-Style Crab Cakes
  • Beef & Giger Potstickers
  • Calamari
  • Saucy Shrimp
  • Mussels Josephine

Soup & Greens

  • Corn Chowder & Lump Crab
  • Bonefish House Salad
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Florida Cobb Salad

Grilled Fish

  • Partner’s Selection
  • Chillean Sea Bass
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Ahi Tuna Steak
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Rainbow Trout

Perfect Pairings

  • Mahi-Mahi & Shrimp
  • Scallops & Shrimp Skewer
  • Steak & Crab Cake
  • Steak & Lobster Tail
  • Lobster Tail & Crab Cake

Seafood Specialties

  • Blackened Salmon Pasta
  • Fish & Chips
  • Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos
  • Blackened Baja Fish Tacos
  • Spicy Tuna Bowl
  • Thermidor Gnocchi
  • Cod Imperial
  • Pecan Parmesan-Crusted Cod
  • Crab-Crusted Cod
  • Cold Water Lobster Tails

From the Land

  • Half-Pound BFG Burger
  • 7 oz. Filet Mignon
  • The Angler’s Sirloin Steak
  • Lily’s Chicken
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Fontina Pork Chop
cooked food on black ceramic plates

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