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Superdawg is an iconic spot to eat hot dogs in Chicago, IL. Stop by this restaurant for a tasty experience, especially if you’re not from the city. Superdawg hot dogs is one of the only original drive-in restaurants left in the nation. Our family makes this eatery a must-visit every time we head to Chicago. Experiment with the various options available at Superdawg locations. The restaurant opened in 1948, and many reviewers continue to rate the hot dog place highly. 

The iconic Chicago eatery was inspired by a man named Maurie. He returned from World War II and married his high school sweetheart Flaurie. This is how you get Superdawg’s famous statues on top of the restaurant. View their menu and find the perfect hot dog; we recommend trying multiple! 

Superdawg hot dog with fries packaging

Superdawg Chicago

Superdawg is one of the most famous Chicago hot dog restaurants. Their circa-themed exterior showcases a vintage vibe for many people to enjoy. Not only are their ingredients fresh, but the taste will surely staple into your mind as a Chicago dog. Superdawg also has highly-fresh crinkle fries for food fans. 

Stop by a Superdawg location at 6363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. You may also call the restaurant at 773-763-0660

Superdawg Menu

Superdawg features an extensive menu that has a variety of ingredients to eat. From Whooperburger to Superchic, even burger fans will like this eatery. If you’re looking for a classic Chicago dog, you can do so while ordering extra mustard. Superdawg even has Supershrimp as a dish that utilizes granddaddy-size shrimp. Other comments on the restaurant’s delicious onion rings and Superveggies. Indeed, if you are in Chicago, you must visit Superdawg. 

Check out this Superdawg location at 6363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. You may also call the hot dog eatery at 773-763-0660.


  • Superdawg
  • Superburger
  • Supercheesie
  • Whooperburger
  • WhooperCheesi
  • Whoopskidawg
  • Superchic
  • Superchickenmidgees
  • Superfish
  • Supershrimp


  • Superfries
  • Super onionchips
  • Superveggies
  • Supertamales
  • Superchili

Desserts and Shakes

  • Supermalts
  • Supershakes
  • Supersodas
  • Black Kows
  • Supersundaes
  • Super Chocolate Chunks Cookie
  • SuperBrownie
  • Diced Cream Cones


  • Fountain Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Tea
  • Water
Superdawg superfries red packaging with peppers

Superdawg Drive In

Superdawg is famous for being one of Chicago’s original drive-in hot dog stands. The iconic location is inside Nordwood Park, at the intersection of Milwaukee and Devon. You can still experience the Superdawg drive in by ordering your favorite meal. 

Stop by the Superdawg Drive-In at 6363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. You can call them at 773-763-0660 for any questions.

Superdawg Locations

There are two main locations for the Superdawg hot dog franchise. The original hot dog stand is in Chicago, and the other restaurant is in Wheeling, IL. Superdawg ensures each establishment has the right ingredients and poppy seeds to make customers happy. 

Hot Dogs in Chicago, IL

Hot Dogs can be found all over Chicago, so you won’t have to worry. Many food tourists will find many eateries appetizing when it features a poppyseed bun on the window. You can search our reviews to find the best place for hot dogs in the city. Otherwise, check out one of Chicago’s classic stands, Superdawg. Feel free to call them ahead of time to see how busy they might be. 

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