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Firewater BBQ is an award-winning restaurant that embodies natural smoke flavor. Firewater BBQ truly stands out from the crowd by offering slow-cooked meat and signature sauces. Dine in for a classic BBQ experience and enjoy some of their select craft beers with desserts. One of my favorite food items from Firewater BBQ is their tasty brisket. 

What’s unique about this restaurant is its story relating to the Great Chicago Fire. The rumor is that the fire was started at a barn that Daniel and Dennis ran. Daniel and Dennis just so happen to have a gathering featuring smoked back ribs. Since then, the two wrote “the book of Firewater Brew and BBQ.” It was here where the foundations of the restaurant were planted, and the recipes evolved into a successful restaurant. 

Firewater BBQ has locations in Elmhurst, Geneva, and Lombard, IL. Drive to the restaurant’s address at 440 Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL. Contact the BBQ eatery by phone at 630-317-7978

Firewater BBQ & Brew smoked hot wings with sweet potato fries

About Fire Water

Firewater BBQ has a fascinating and slightly controversial story. This restaurant stems from a story about the Great Chicago Fire. Like many have heard, there was a cow that kicked a lamp that put a barn up to flames. Two friends, Daniel and Dennis, were smoking ribs at that very barn beforehand. After a drunken night, the fire had already started on a large pile of hay. Since then, the two smokers dove deep into the art of recipes and smoking techniques.  

Firewater BBQ Lombard

Firewater BBQ in Lombard, IL, is one of the best restaurants in town. Enjoy craft beers and smoked meats with delicious desserts at this location. Firewater BBQ has smoked spicy wings that are finger-licking good. Another favorite item on their dessert menu is the Taffy Apple Bread Pudding. Visit the eatery at 440 Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL. 

Firewater BBQ & Brew roast beef sandwich

Fire Water Geneva

Are you looking for smoked BBQ in Geneva, IL? Visit Firewater BBQ n Brew for a great tasting experience with friends. Or you can take your spouse on a date to this restaurant while enjoying sports and baby back ribs. The address for Fire Water Geneva is 524 W State St. 

Firewater Menu

Take a look at Firewater’s menu for the meats, sides, sweets, and more. Reviews on Google suggest trying their pulled pork, beef brisket, and rib tips. If you’re into grillmaster signatures, you must try Firewater’s burgers. Their Grillmaster Burger contains gouda, pulled pork, smoked bacon and is topped with sweet home Chicago sauce. 


  • Pulled Pork
  • Angus Beef Brisket
  • Smoked Jumbo Wings
  • BBQ Rib Tips


  • Grill Master Burger
  • Triple Porker
  • RD 3
  • South Sider
  • Texas Tacos
  • Smoke House Salad
  • Pulled Pork Cheese Fry


  • House Cut Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • BBQ Brisket Beans
  • Bacon & Chive Potato Salad
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings
  • Three Cheese Mac


  • Taffy Apple Bread Pudding
  • Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie

Kids Menu

  • Mini Pork Sandwich
  • Mini Brisket Sandwich
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Mini Corn Dogs
Firewater BBQ & Brew wings and tacos

BBQ Near Me

BBQ is meant to be an experience with family and friends. Find a great place to share wings, ribs, and more at Firewater BBQ. Are you searching for a BBQ near me? Look no further and head to Firewater BBQ for great tasting flavors. 

BBQ Restaurants in Lombard, IL

Firewater BBQ is among the best restaurants in Lombard, IL. Though they have a smaller location in this town, their flavors still attract many customers. Thankfully, Firewater BBQ offers catering if you have a large event. Otherwise, find more BBQ restaurants on our reviews page. 

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