Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

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Learn how to make Cinnamon French Toast the best way by reading this recipe. This breakfast favorite will quickly make its way to your family meals. The sweet cinnamon flavor adds extra taste to a perfectly toasted bread slice. Our french toast recipe is used in various dishes and is easy to learn. 

This article discusses the key tips for making delicious cinnamon french toast. At Just Eat Up, we’ve had many experiences trying different styles of bread, including sourdough, white, wheat, etc. After deliverable taste tests, we found an amazing recipe for cinnamon french toast. It’s important to note that we will be using eggs and milk. 

Classic cinnamon French toast with strawberries

Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon french toast is a modern twist to a classic dish invented in 1724. That’s right, the original recipe is old, but technically other concoctions existed in the age of the Roman Empire. A man named Joseph French was said to create the classic dish; no, he was not from France. Our cinnamon french toast recipe makes this dish even more special. 

How Do You Make French Toast With Cinnamon?

Making french toast with cinnamon is easy and fast for many people. Feel free to add as many spices as possible for a more sweet flavor. Follow our steps below to create the perfect french toast with cinnamon.

  1. Beat eggs in a dish, add milk, sugar, and two teaspoons of cinnamon, and whisk.
  2. Dip bread slice in the mixture and cook on a skillet on medium heat until browned

How Do You Make French Toast Not Soggy?

If you had a soggy french toast experience, we could assist you here at Just Eat Up. Make french toast not soggy by toasting the bread slices before soaking. You also want to not soak the bread too long in the mixture. 

Best Milk To Use For French Toast

There are many different types of milk that consumers love using. Some people use half-and-half to make a more decadent custard for the bread. Every mixture can be customized in various ways, but I prefer using heavy cream or dairy milk. In case you are lactose-intolerant, there are other milk substitutes like coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk. 

Cinnamon French Toast slices

Cinnamon French Toast Ingredients

Making the best cinnamon french toast does not require complex ingredients. Using our simple recipe will allow you to perfect the flavor of this classic breakfast dish. You may need ingredients to create a great-tasting cinnamon french toast, sugar, milk, eggs, and pancake syrup.  

Cinnamon French Toast thick slices

Cinnamon French Toast Recipe Tips

At Just Eat Up, we’ve created an extended list of cinnamon french toast recipe tips. For starters, you can make sweeter versions of this dish by using almond milk. Please take a look at our recommended tips below.

  • Don’t use too much milk to avoid a very wet bread slice
  • Preheat the pan so the egg mixture will cook instantly
  • Try dense bread so you can make a sturdy french toast
  • Enhance flavors by adding popular toppings like Honey and Yogurt
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