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Chicago Beer Society is hosting their 23rd Annual Chicagoland Brewpub & Microbrewery Shootout. This highly anticipated beer fest is on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. Join the madness from 1 pm – 5 pm at Metropolitan Brewing. The Chicagoland Brewpub is located at 3057 N Rockwell S, Chicago, IL. Enjoy a beautiful day with great-tasting beers paired with top-notch food. 

Beer fest attendees will sample a variety of beers from different microbreweries in the area. Vote on your favorite beer, food, and pairing to determine a winner at the end of the event. Watch the top cooks and brewers go at it to satisfy the most consumers. Individuals will purchase up to 2 tickets to ensure no one goes past their limit. 

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Chicagoland Brewpub & Microbrewery Shootout Tickets

Tickets are on sale now for the Chicagoland Brewpub Shootout. Take a trip to the city with your friends and purchase tickets together. You may receive a promo code by emailing the host. The tickets cost 85 dollars, including all beer/food samples from each station. This may sound much, but the access is bountiful, and you will soon fill your stomach up. Couples will purchase up to 4 tickets for the food event. 

About Chicago Beer Society

Chicago Beer Society has been around since 1977 and continues to be run by 100% volunteers. This impressive organization educates people on beer, and many come to find an appreciation. While beer organizations are not new, the Chicago Beer Society is one of the oldest and largest. Members of this society are ranked based on volunteer work for the organization. 

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During December, Board members elect a President to preside over meetings. It’s important to note that the board members do not receive exclusive benefits like discounted prices. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact their board of directors now. Below is the contact information for current society members.

President – Roger Falk,

Vice President – Eric Duske,

Treasurer – Bob Lifka,

About Metropolitan Brewing

Visit Metropolitan Brewing for a unique beer experience. To learn more about this brewery in Chicago, we must find more information on its history. Metropolitan Brewing was founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team Doug Hurst and Tracy Hurst. Initially, the local brewery was located in a warehouse near Ravenswood in the city. 

After 2017, Metropolitan Brewing moved to a taproom at 3057 N Rockwell st. If you want our top recommendations, try the lagers and IPAs. After talking to a worker, he advised us to test the Vienna Lager, which was delicious. It is said that Metropolitan focuses on German-style lagers and beers. Next time you decide to get intoxicated with friends, take them over to Metropolitan and enjoy the aesthetics. The beers from this brewery are distributed by Windy City Distribution, Wolf Distribution, and Breakthrough Beverage. Have you visited this brewery? Tag us on social media like Instagram to post you on our story!

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