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Chicago Restaurant Week is a famous 17-day celebration that features award-winning restaurants. Take a trip and explore the various menus scattered across the city. Every year, Chicago Restaurant Week attracts thousands of locals to try new places for food. You’ll find a recommended location if you’re looking for burgers, ice cream, steaks, and more. In 2022, Chicago Restaurant Week went from February 23rd to April 10th. Be sure to check out our website to see the updates on the upcoming event. 

Chicago Restaurant Week is known for its recommended list of restaurants. The locations will also have specially curated menu items specifically for the food event. If you’re planning on dining for hours, try a tasting menu highlighting the restaurant’s special flavors. Learn more about Chicago restaurant week in this article. 

Chicago Restaurant Week 2022

Chicago Restaurant Week 2022 is over 15 days of nonstop culinary action. Plenty of specials and deals will be available at participating locations, attracting many food lovers. Be sure to visit the award-winning locations and previous winners to judge them for yourselves. Some of the top-rated restaurants are GT Prime, Cabra, Cira, Boka, and Swift & Sons Tavern. You can view the complete list and our detailed descriptions below. 

GT Prime Steakhouse

GT Prime Steakhouse has been a Chicago favorite for many years. This restaurant won our hearts with its black-styled interior and delicious steaks. We’ve reviewed GT Prime Steakhouse, and you can find all the information on this page. Check out GT Prime’s Steakhouse exclusive menu for Chicago Restaurant Week on their official website. 

Find directions to GT Prime Steakhouse at 707 N Wells St, Chicago, IL. Call the restaurant to make reservations at 312-600-6305.

GT Prime Steakhouse interior in Chicago, IL

GT Fish & Oyster

GT Fish & Oyster is another establishment that’s made a name for itself in Chicago. This restaurant serves fresh, top-quality seafood that many critics love eating. Placed right next to the Chicago river, FT Fish & Oyster makes you feel like a modern coastal traveler with outdoor seating. 

Explore GT Fish & Oyster at 531 N Wells St, Chicago, IL. You may call the restaurant at 312-929-3501 for reservations. 

GT Fish & Oyster food in Chicago, IL


Cabra is a chic restaurant located inside the Hoxton Hotel in Chicago. This Peruvian-style eatery contains large sharing plates that are perfect for gatherings. Enjoy the high ceilings and comfortable seating at Cabra. Find more food and drink items on their long-listed menu. 

Visit Cabra at 200 N Green St, Chicago, IL, for dinner. Call 312-761-1717 for availability. 

Cabra restaurant interior in Chicago, IL

Swift & Sons Tavern

Swift & Songs Tavern is a sleek restaurant before the famous Wrigley Field. Enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner while people are watching the crowds. Swift & Songs Tavern has the best-tasting oysters in the area, in my personal opinion. 

Walk to Swift & Sons Tavern at 3600 N Clark St, Chicago, IL. Make sure you call 773-360-0207 for reservations. 

Swift & Sons Tavern oyster bar exterior in Chicago
cooked food on black ceramic plates

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