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Sushi night is a common activity for friends in the Chicagoland area. Just Eat Up’s team has experienced many restaurants that serve rolls, and we’ve made a top-rated list. There are plenty of places to eat sushi in Chicago, but we want you to feel immersed in the culture. Thus, our food enthusiasts tried many kinds of rolls, and we will feature their favorites. If you’re looking for a quick spot to eat a la carte meals, we recommend you try Lawrence Fish Market. 

Regarding the best sushi to eat in Chicago, we highly suggest visiting places like Raisu Japanese, Tanoshii, and more. Explore the unique interior setting that takes you across the world, where this cuisine is mainstream. Please take a look at our curated list of sushi below and share your thoughts!

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Tanoshii is a legendary restaurant that serves top-quality sushi and more. The menu is crafted by skillful chefs who dedicated many years to their profession. Taste loads of flavor while ordering different kinds of rolls. Tanoshii has a few locations across Chicago, our favorite being the West Loop establishment. 

Visit Tanoshii sushi restaurant at 720 Randolph St, Chicago, IL. You can call them ahead of time for more information at 312-207-8894.

Lawrence Fish Market

Lawrence Fish Market is a cash-only eatery that serves a wide range of sushi. People order party trays from this establishment for gatherings and more. This restaurant can also find special rolls, maki trays, and combinations. For an inside scoop, please check out our review of this delicious sushi restaurant. 

Visit Lawrence Fish Market at 3920 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL. You can call the place at 773-267-6838 for availability and more information. 

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Raisu Japanese 

Raisu is a modern Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, sake, and more. People have rated this place on Google and have nice things to say about the food. Enjoy the stylish space with friends on a casual night out and take pictures! You can find many photos of Raisu and their Japanese food on social media platforms. 

Sushi Hall

Sushi Hall is a premier seafood eatery that is popular among Chicago residents. Take your buddy and family to this restaurant on any weekday during dinner time for a delicious dinner. Try the many sushi options available at Sushi Hall, located in a beautiful Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

Visit Sushi Hall at 2630 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, for a tasty experience. You may call the front desk for more information at 773-698-6690.  

best sushi in Chicagoland area

Sushi Taku

Sushi Taku is a Japanese-focused establishment that has delicious sushi rolls. The Chicago restaurant has a large food menu with tasty drinks. For more quality photos, please take a look at their gallery on their official website. You can find amazing pictures on social media platforms of Sushi Taku. 

Head to Sushi Taku in Wicker Park at 1904 W Division St, Chicago, IL. You can also call the restaurant at 773-252-8258 for reservations. 


Arami has delicious sushi and sake for liquor enthusiasts in the Chicagoland area. Dine in for a featured menu of seasonal rolls and other appetizers. Arami is consistently rated as a delicious choice for sushi nights. 

Visit the restaurant at 1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL. You can also call the establishment for reservations at 312-243-1535.

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