Best Rooftop Restaurants in Chicago, IL

Use this guide to find the best rooftop restaurants in Chicago, IL. Do you know what’s better than relaxing in the sunlight on a rooftop, enjoying the fantastic views all around you? It is eating the finest food Chicago has to offer on a rooftop and enjoying the wonderful scenery around you, divine bliss.

During summer, outdoor dining is the best idea, with the breeze blowing gently around you, which saves you from the humidity summertime is known for. Outdoor dining has a way of calming you and making you feel more relaxed. The breeze just blows all that pent-up emotions you’re feeling away. 

Besides, dinner date on the rooftop, with the stars above and looking barely out of reach, and that calm breeze, is romantic.

There’s nothing better than mixing tasty food with stunning views, which is why we made a list of the finest rooftop restaurants in Chicago, great venues, great ideas, and a delicious meal. Some of Chicago’s finest include:

Cindy’s Rooftop

Cindy’s rooftop offers the most exotic food you can imagine, with the best views over Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. A taste of their food will leave you begging for more. Not only is Cindy’s rooftop a restaurant, but it also has a bar that offers excellently mixed cocktails, local brews, and an incredible array of terrific wines. It opens for lunch, dinner, and also brunch.

Cindy's rooftop restaurant

This stylish, classy restaurant is located at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel’s rooftop and has a fashionable and large glass atrium lounge. This restaurant is famous not only among locals but also visitors. Cindy’s rooftop serves a wide range of American and international delicious food by executive chef Christian Ragano that’ll blow your mind away. If you want a spot at this exotic restaurant, a reservation is advised.


Aba is widely known in Chicago as one of the finest rooftop restaurants. Aba, located in Fulton Market district, is the Hebrew word for father. It has a sister restaurant, “Ema” which is Hebrew for mother, located at the River North. The restaurant also has indoor dining with fine decor that you can opt for if you’re not in the mood for outdoor dining. 

Aba rooftop restaurant

Aba offers excellent food, a collaboration between chef CJ Jacobson and Lettuce Entertain You that creates mouth-watering bites and more filings of steaks and all kinds of seafood from the Mediterranean. There’s also a bar in the worthy hands of mixologist Liz Pearce that brings you rare and unique Mediterranean-inspired wines and spirits. Aba is a very famous Chicago rooftop restaurant, so you should book a spot well in advance.


The atmosphere at Tanta is lively and bubbly. They serve you the best dishes by South American Chef Gastón Acurio. If you want a taste of something different, Tanta is the place to go, the flavors and culture of Peru, right at the center of Chicago and River North. Tanta also boasts of an exquisite rooftop terrace under the beautiful skyline, where you can wine and dine.

Tanta rooftop restaurant

Diversity, excellent food, and drinks, great views, Tanta give you all these and more, a wide array of delightful meals like cebiches, skewers, and beef empanadas, and lots more, coupled with drinks, including the famous Pisco inspired Peruvian, that you must try when you go to Tanta, or even the El Chingon cocktail with tequila, mezcal, lime, and a chignon pepper-infused ice cube, followed by the cebiche clásico, grilled octopus, sweet corn empanadas and alfajores.

Shanghai Terrace

Are you craving Chinese? Shanghai Terrace, located at the rooftop terrace of the Peninsula Chicago, gives you both Chinese food and outdoor dining. Shanghai Terrace has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in Chicago, and for a good reason. The food is exceptionally delicious, Dim Sum and Asian Salad, Peking Duck, Dong Po Pork Belly, any Chinese food you could think of, you’ll find at this exquisite Chinese restaurant. 

Shanghai Terrace rooftop restaurant

Shanghai terrace also has a vintage-themed indoor restaurant, but you must book in advance to win a spot here, although the rooftop terrace is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Shanghai terrace offers food and an excellent selection of drinks, the price tag is relatively high, but it’s worth it.

Rooftop at Nobu Hotel

This fine restaurant gives you the best of Japanese with gorgeous views. The rooftop restaurant is elegantly designed with just enough modern Japanese touches that make you feel like you’re eating Japanese food in Japan. 

Nobu Hotel rooftop restaurant

The menu ranges from shuko, or small snacks, like nori tacos, black cod lettuce wraps, and lamb to chicken kushiyaki. You can also order the hotel special; their signature nigiri, sashimi, and maki. Not only food, but drinks, but you should also treat yourself to a visit to this fancy restaurant one of these days, their food will turn you into an Oliver Twist. It would be best if you also treat yourself to a bottle of Japanese sake. You’ll love it.

Lonesome Rose

Summer calls for margaritas, and is located in Logan Square. This rooftop restaurant is nothing too fancy; just sit down and get comfortable sipping margaritas guacamole. But before you think that’s all this lovely restaurant has to offer, no, Lonesome rose is not only for margaritas and guacamole. There are other comfy yet delicious meals to order.

Lonesome Rose rooftop restaurant

Tortillas stuffed with everything you can imagine, chickpeas, gochujang-marinated chicken, and horchata soft serve with cookie crumble. It is the best place to go to satisfy your cravings. They just make summer better for you. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are there for you, with a great culinary team led by Pete Coenen and Paul McGee. Drinks and food? They’ve got you covered.

Enjoy Rooftop Dining in Chicago, IL

During summer, Chicago is not a boring place, lots of fun things to do, lots of fun places to relax, and even romantic spots. Chicago has a lot of rooftop restaurants and even bars where you can enjoy yourself and treat yourself to some fine things of life. These are but a few of the many restaurants where you can enjoy outdoor dining. 

Relieve yourself of summer stress, have a tasty meal with excellent views. The summer is meant to be enjoyed.

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