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Chicago is home to a vibrant coffee culture with a long coffee roasting and consumption history. The city has a rich history of coffee roasting, dating back to the early 1800s when the first coffee roasters were established. Over the years, Chicago has become known for its high-quality coffee, with many independent roasters and coffee shops located throughout the city.

The history of coffee in Chicago is closely tied to the city’s growth and development. In the early 1800s, the city’s first coffee roasters were established, providing fresh-roasted coffee to the growing population. As Chicago grew and developed, the demand for coffee continued to increase, and more roasters and coffee shops opened to meet the demand.

In the early 1900s, Chicago became known as a hub of coffee roasting and distribution, with many of the city’s roasters exporting their coffee to other parts of the country. During this time, some of the most well-known coffee roasters in Chicago included Blommer Chocolate Company, Argo Coffee, and Star Coffee. These roasters helped to establish Chicago as a center of coffee roasting and distribution, and many of their descendants continue to operate in the city today.

In recent years, the coffee culture in Chicago has continued to evolve and grow. Today, the city is home to many independent roasters and coffee shops, offering a wide range of coffee styles and roasts. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a tasty cup of joe, you’ll find something to love in Chicago’s vibrant coffee scene.

Dark Matter Coffee

This independent coffee roaster has several locations in Chicago and a few in other cities. Dark Matter sources its coffee beans from various global origins, and the menu includes a wide range of coffee drinks, teas, and other beverages. In addition to its drinks, Dark Matter offers a selection of pastries and other snacks.

A nearby Dark Matter Coffee is at 738 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL. Call the cafe for information by phoning 773-697-8472.

Dark Matter Coffee shop in Chicago

The Drunken Bean Coffee & Wine Bar

The Drunken Bean is a friendly coffee and wine bar where locals spend countless hours. Enjoy a tasty morning breakfast accompanied by their signature blends for lattes, etc. Some of their specialty items include Turmeric Ginger Latte and Blue Moon Latte. If you’re nearby, you’ve got to try The Drunken Bean’s drinks and food. 

Visit The Drunken Bean Coffee & Wine Bar at 400 East South Water Street, Chicago, IL. Call 312-549-8000 for questions.

The Drunken Bean Coffee & Wine Bar in Chicago

HERO Coffee Bar

HERO is known for various things, including their famous bagel sandwiches. The coffee bar is one of Chicago’s favorite destinations for morning mixtures. This business has 4 locations scattered across the city, each fantastic delivering flavors. Initially started with two friends, HERO coffee bar amassed a great demand while also helping charities around Chicago. 

One of the best locations is at 439 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL. Call 312-631-3269 for coffee inquires and more.

HERO Coffee Bar in an alley inside the city of Chicago

Ipsento 606

This popular coffee shop has two locations in Chicago, in the Bucktown and Logan Square neighborhoods. Ipsento roasts its own coffee in-house, and the menu includes a wide range of coffee drinks, teas, hot chocolate, and other beverages. In addition to its drinks, Ipsento also offers a selection of pastries, sandwiches, and other light bites.

Head over to the modern cafe at 1813 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. Call Ipsento 606 via phone at 872-206-8697.

Ipsento 606 interior cafe in Chicago

Cafe Umbria

Serving authentic Italian espressos, Cafe Umbria will take you to the roots of Italy. This unique roaster also sells coffee beans wholesale to satisfy customers. You may also buy products online via their website for fast delivery. My wife’s favorite blends from Cafe Umbria are Gusto Crema, Bizzarri, and Grifo. 

My favorite Cafe Umbria has an address of 346 N Clark St #4709, Chicago, IL. Call the establishment for questions at 312-877-5166.

Cafe Umbria in Chicago

Intelligentsia Coffee 

Intelligentsia Coffee is a staple in the Chicago area, whose parent company is Peet’s. Represented as a third-wave coffee, this company has over 15 locations and is top-rated. Developed in 1995 by Doug Zell and Emily Mange, Intelligentsia Coffee is famous for its Millennium Park residency. Their official website also sells subscriptions and merchandise that looks appealing. 

You may visit this coffeebar on 53 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL. Call the cafe at 312-920-9332 for information.

Intelligentsia Coffee interior in Chicago

Starbucks Reserve

If you’re visiting Chicago, you must stop at the world’s largest Starbucks Reserve. This location features three levels of coffee fun, including cocktails and food. Many influencers also post photos of the iconic spiral escalator. At the top level, guests can look at the city through Starbucks’ tall glass-paneled window. Visit the famous coffee destination in the windy town any day of the week! 

The famous Starbucks Reserve is established at 646 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Contact the large facility at 312-283-7100 for questions and answers.

Starbucks Reserve interior in Chicago

Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a true success story as it encompasses the city of Chicago. Nowadays, you can find this fine establishment in local malls. Talk about premium coffee; you will have a pleasant tasteful experience at Peet’s. Please see your nearest coffee bar and compare it to this well-known franchise. 

Our favorite Peet’s Coffee location is 400 Michigan Ave suite 120, Chicago, IL. Place a phone order by calling 312-625-5531.

Peet's Coffee cafe in Chicago

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Another famous coffee roaster chain is La Colombe Coffee. Many customers love the restaurant’s cold brews, according to Google reviews. A delicious coffee blend on the menu is the Ethiopia Myth Maker, which features earthy notes. La Colombe Coffee is perfect for gifting latte lovers during holidays. 

You can find a La Colombe Coffee Roasters franchise at 955 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL. You may call 312-733-0707 for availability.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters interior

Meddle Coffee Bar

Want to try a new spot that has a gorgeous interior in Chicago? Try Meddle Coffee Bar’s drinks near Jackson Blvd. This eatery also has fluffy desserts and baked goods. Find your favorite signature blended coffee while exploring their menu. Meddle Coffee Bar has a variety of murals scattered inside the establishment. Take a seat and enjoy your morning cup of joe here! 

Check this place out by driving to 601 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL. Call the coffee establishment by phoning 312-631-3553.

Meddle Coffee Bar interior

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Chicago

Overall, Chicago has a rich history of coffee roasting and consumption, and the city’s coffee culture continues to evolve and grow. Whether you’re looking for a tasty cup of coffee or want to learn more about the history of coffee in Chicago, there’s something for everyone in the city’s vibrant coffee scene.

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