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XOCO Mexican restaurant review in Chicago

Rick Bayless created a wonderful restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food named XOCO. The top chef has been featured in many outlets and has a PBS series titled ‘Mexico: One Plate at a Time’. XOCO is a creation that celebrates beers, tacos, plating, and customer service. This restaurant has been listed as one of the best places to eat Mexican food in Chicago. This review will comment on the ambiance, quality, service, and reputation. 

XOXO has won many awards and has earned the respect of food critics. The staff at this Mexican restaurant truly displays a knowledge of the culture and its flavors. Some of the famous items on the menu are Mexican hot chocolate, crusty tortas, and empanadas. Learn more about XOXO Mexican restaurant in our review. 

XOCO restaurant interior in Chicago, IL

XOCO by Rick Bayless

As noted before, Rick Bayless is a legend in the culinary space. His work and creations have reached millions of visitors throughout the world. His restaurant XOCO serves as a quick-bite eatery that brings beauty to the plates. The restaurant has been featured in large outlets like Time Out Chicago. Learn more about Rick Bayless on their official website

XOCO Mexican restaurant exterior in Chicago


XOCO’s Mexican restaurant features a menu that offers unique food and traditional dishes. My favorite when dining here was the torta ahogada, which can be spicy. If you want to try something new, order the tlayudas, a sizeable pizza-looking dish. There are so many options to choose from; you can take a closer look at XOCO’s menu below. 

XOCO Mexican food in Chicago

XOCO Tacos

XOCO Tacos are handmade corn tortillas that pack a lot of flavors. I recommend coming to this Chicago Mexican restaurant with friends and family. According to Google reviews, some favorites are the Mole Coloradito and the Oaxacan Fish tacos. When I visited the food place last year, I tried the Chicken Tinga, which was delicious. If you’re not looking to try anything new, you can always order the classic carnitas. 

XOCO Hot Chocolate

Something special about XOCO Mexican restaurant is their bean-to-cup chocolate. With aromatic notes of authentic ingredients, you’re sure to have a second cup. The Mexico City Thick Champurrado is made with fresh-ground chocolate, yum. You can also add Abasolo ancestral corn whiskey for an extra charge. 

XOCO Torta Ahogada

XOCO’s most popular Torta is the Ahogada, which includes pork carnitas, chile broth, and pickled onions. Fans of Mexican food love this dish, and it’s been shown on many social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Starting at $13, you’ll find a wood-oven burned sandwich that fits your tastes. Other torta options are Baja Chicken, Pepito, and Chipotle-Garlic Shrimp. 

Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago

When it comes to Chicago, there’s no better place to eat Mexican food. This city has a large Hispanic population and few restaurants to feed everyone. We’ve created a helpful guide for Mexican food in Chicago. Learn more information about our best restaurant selections on this page

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