Crab Cakes Recipe

Crab cakes are a popular seafood dish originating in the United States, specifically in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. The origin of crab cakes is unclear, but it is believed that they were first created by African American cooks who worked on Chesapeake Bay fishing boats in the 19th century. The early crab cakesContinue reading “Crab Cakes Recipe”

Shaw Crab House Review

Shaw’s Crab House is a premium seafood restaurant initially located in Chicago, IL. The classic interior accompanied with great tasting food makes it worth the reservation. Shaw Crab House offers more than 40 seafood dishes, including the signature Alaskan King Crab Legs.  After successful openings, Shaw Crab House expanded into Schaumburg, IL. Many visitors loveContinue reading “Shaw Crab House Review”