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Mercadito is a bright, intimate lounge, one of Chicago’s most visited Mexican restaurants. Featuring talented mixologists, you’ll be dazzled in small plates with delicious food. Located on Kinzie St, Mercadito is a must-visit for anyone visiting the city nearby. My favorite dish to order is lobster tacos; I highly recommend trying it. Another item that stands out is their mezcal drinks. 

Take family or friends to Mercadito restaurant for an enjoyable lunch. The servers were very kind of professional, and I fell in love with the interior. We’ll review our review for the remainder of this article and give tips to those planning on visiting Mercadito’s Mexican restaurant. 

Mercadito is located at 108 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL. You may call the Mexican restaurant at 312-329-9555.

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Serving Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Mercadito opened in 2010. The upscale restaurant quickly became a top tourist destination with its elevated cuisine and specialty mezcal. Many local sources have deemed Mercadito as a top Mexican restaurant in Chicago. Continue to look at their menu below to learn more about the food they serve. 

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Mercadito Menu

Mercadito’s menu has various options, including tacos, botanas, ceviche, and more. Take a look at the restaurant’s drink menu for a unique taste that packs a punch. I highly recommend trying the Los Hermanos cocktail, which incorporates passionfruit, agave, and lime. Mercadito’s website also has a large gallery of images that may be worth your time. 

Mercadito Esquites

Mercadito Mexican restaurant in Chicago is also known for its esquites. Esquites is a corn salad with a sweet, smokey, and spicy flavor. Fall in love with this dish at the popular food destination. This classic dish is made with housemade mayonnaise. Think corn on a cob, but on a plate with extra ingredients.  

Mercadito dark interior with Mayan roots

Mercadito Pollo Las Brasas

Mercadito Pollo Las Brasas is a juicy chicken dish that serves well anytime. Mariented to perfect, the Chicago restaurant offers a great experience when it comes to chicken. I would also recommend trying Mercadito’s flautas with a pleasant pico de gallo taste. 

Mercadito Carnitas

You can go right with Mercadito’s carnitas and other taco options. The Chicago Mexican restaurant curates a beautiful display of peanuts, cilantro, coleslaw, and braised pork. I can honestly say Mercadito has some of the best tacos I’ve had in a long time. Even though this place is meant to be an upscale version of a casual Mexican eatery, the restaurant still makes you feel at home. 

Best Mexican Food in Chicago

When it comes to Mexican food in Chicago, you have hundreds of options. Luckily, we’ve visited all these restaurants and have curated a top list of culinary destinations for the city. Check out our best Mexican restaurants in Chicago page to learn all the top-rated places to eat. If there’s an eatery you want us to try, feel free to tag us on social media like Instagram or Twitter! 

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