Off the Vine Wine Tasting

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Come and evaluate over 60 wine samples at Off the Wine Tasting. This private experience includes a raffle, silent auction, live music, and information. Off the Vine Wine Tasting will host the Wheaton, IL, wine event at Arrowhead Golf Club. All the wine case purchases proceeds will go to the Sensory Garden Playground Project. 

Off the Vine Wine Tasting is a popular gathering in town and always benefits good causes. Play a game of golf and enjoy Arrowhead’s restaurant with delicious burgers. Off the Vine Wine tasting will be held in the private dining area. Buy your tickets now and prepay for parking for convenience. 

The date and time for the Off the Vine Wine Tasting is Saturday, April 9, 2022, from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The address to the wine event is 26W151 Butterfield Road in Wheaton, IL. 

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Off the Vine Wine Tasting Tickets

If you’d like to purchase Off the Vine Wine Tasting Tickets, visit their Eventbrite page. Tickets for designated drivers are $30; otherwise, Admission tickets are $50. Most wine tasting samples are about 2 ounces. If you have any problems, call Arrowhead Golf Club at 630-653-5800.

Before March 7, there will be early bird tickets for Off the Vine Wine Tasting. Make sure you buy now before the tickets sell out on Eventbrite! Enjoy a night filled with wine samples, hors d’oeures, raffles, and silent auctions. 

Arrowhead Golf Club

Arrowhead Golf Club was established after the land faced a burning barn in the late 1800s. John Brown sold the land in 1924 to the builders of the first golf course. This 18-hole Golf Club is a must-go for many golfers in Illinois. Surrounding by beautiful ponds, Arrowhead Golf Club is named after the Native American artifacts they found on the land.

Wine Tasting in Wheaton, IL

Are you looking for wine tasting in Wheaton, IL? Visit Arrowhead Golf Club wine event in April for over 60 samples. Join local wine lovers and sip the flavors of a variety of bottles. Walk into the tasting room and take part in a silent auction towards the end of the event. You may also connect with a group of friends by drinking along the wine tour in Wheaton, IL. 

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Wine Tasting Rooms in Wheaton, IL

There’s something special about sampling wine in a tasting room. Experience the comfortable and beautiful interior of Arrowhead’s Golf Club. In their restaurant, there’s an area that’s private for gatherings of any sort. Host a wedding at this location in Wheaton, IL, or visit by attending the Off the Vine Wine Tasting. Call ahead or visit Arrowhead Golf Club’s Eventbrite event page. 

Live Music in Arrowhead Golf Club 

Listen to live music at the Off the Vine Wine tasting event in Arrowhead Golf Club. Played by local bands and artists, many golfers enjoyed the music. Taste wines from different barrels and regions and enjoy the music scene. If you’re looking to schedule a slot, e-mail the establishment with some samples and contact information. 

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