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If you’re looking for a fantastic pizzeria experience with friends in Chicago, Roots Handmade Pizza in West Town is the place to be. Their malted crust pies are absolutely delicious, and it’s no surprise why this restaurant is considered one of the best. The idea behind Roots began in the Quad Cities and has since expanded to Chicago, where it has become a local favorite. What I love most about this place is their use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and homemade sodas, which make their dishes stand out.

Roots Handmade Pizza also offers a variety of other menu items, such as salads, appetizers, and sandwiches. The restaurant also has a full bar, which features a wide selection of craft beers from the Midwest.

Visit Roots at 744 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL. You may also call them at 773-645-4909 to make reservations.

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Roots Handmade Pizza Menu

Roots Handmade has a large list of menu items, from appetizers to pizza and desserts. One thing that makes this restaurant a destination is its famous mozzarella sticks, which come from scratch. For pizza lovers, I recommend trying the Magherita or Crumbled Sausage style. Root’s neighborhood section on the website’s menu has options for those looking for a unique twist, such as Tikka Masala Butter Chicken Pizza and Korean Fried Chicken Pizza. Below are additional items that are featured on the menu. 


  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Burrata Cheese
  • Double Breaded Chicken Wings
  • Lasagna


  • Taco
  • Crumbled Sausage
  • Barbacoa
  • Black Garlic
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Korean Fried Chicken


  • Italian Beef
  • Meatball Sub
  • Chicken Ceasar Foldover
  • Chicken Parm

Roots Handmade Pizza Photos

Photos of Roots Handmade Pizza restaurant will show the clear ceiling if not completely open. This offers stunning views of the sky, and the food on Google looks delicious. You’ll see detailed and decorated desserts and toppings. You may see fun drinks by viewing photos on Root’s official website

Roots Handmade Pizza Gluten-Free Crust

In the USA, many more guests are requesting gluten-free versions of today’s food. This includes Italian; luckily, Roots offers gluten-free crust on all their pizzas. There’s also vegan cheese available as a substitute. So, if you have celiac disease, you’ll still be able to enjoy this West Town restaurant. 

Roots Handmade Pizza buffalo chicken in West Town Chicago

Roots Handmade Pizza Delivery

Order online and get Root’s Handmade Pizza delivered to you. The restaurant also serves curbside, pickup, and catering. You can even get the Roots app and earn rewards while you order. To place an order, feel free to contact the West Town location at 773-645-4909.

Tasty Pizza in West Town Chicago

Roots Handmade Pizza is hands-down one of the tastiest pizzerias in West Town Chicago. This restaurant is well deserved on our West Town dining guide. If you’re near the area and would like a different cuisine, I recommend taking a look at our Chicago restaurant hub.

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