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Pizzeria Portofino has a casual and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is located on the riverfront, so the Chicago River has beautiful views. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. Pizzeria Portofino was opened in 2019 by power couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic. They wanted to create a restaurant that would offer authentic Italian cuisine.

In addition to its delicious food, Pizzeria Portofino also has a great atmosphere. The restaurant is located on the riverfront, so the Chicago River has beautiful views. Pizzeria Portofino’s flexible seating options ensure you can dine with us regardless of the forecast.

Visit the restaurant Pizzeria Portofino at 317 N Clark St, Chicago, IL. Call 312-900-9018 for more information. 

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Pizzeria Portofino Menu

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes, seafood dishes, and salads. The skilled chefs use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients, and our wood-fired oven guarantees a crispy crust every time. Portofino’s pasta dishes are made with fresh, homemade pasta and cooked in various sauces. The seafood dishes are made with fresh, locally sourced seafood. And the salads are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. View more items on Pizzeria Portofino’s menu on their webpage.

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Pizzeria Portofino Photos

In many photos of Pizzeria Portofino, you will see a riverfront terrace. The interior of the restaurant will feature dark wood accents and light tablecloths. Enjoy the photos of their astonishing food and more on the restaurant’s website.

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Book Your Next Party at Pizzeria Portofino

Do you want to book an event at Pizzeria Portofino? Contact the restaurant on their website and view all the details you need to know for parties. Usually, you’ll need to sign a contract and pay a deposit for the food and beverage minimum. Some factors used to determine the minimum include date, season, group size, and more. Take a look at Pizzeria Portofino’s menu and decide which one fits your needs. 

Is Pizzeria Portofino Handicap Accessible?

Yes, Pizzeria Portofino is wheelchair accessible. The restaurant has a ramp leading up to the entrance, and the restrooms are accessible. The tables are also spaced wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. The restrooms are located on the ground floor and have wheelchair-accessible stalls.

Best Pizza in River North Chicago

If you’re ever walking by the Chicago River, stop by Pizzeria Portofino. This awesome Italian restaurant is super popular in the city and has some seriously delicious dishes. You can also find more great places to eat nearby in our restaurant guide for Chicago.

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