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Chicago is a known haven for a wide range of cuisines, including Indian food. Look at our curated guide that ensures top chefs and fantastic taste at the featured restaurants. With over 171,000 Indians in Chicago, many restaurants have risen in popularity. We’ll feature food places run by passionate people who love creating authentic dishes. 

Check out the best Indian food in Chicago, and make sure to leave detailed reviews! After researching top restaurants’ dinners, I’ve compared options that include these on the list. We’ve added links and addresses to help with the directions and menus. Planning and making reservations are essential, so you don’t have to wait long. 

Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant

Ghareeb Nawaz is a staple in Indian restaurants, and they also offer Pakistani food. You’ll be introduced to a large menu featuring tasty dishes emphasizing flavors. Another great thing about Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant is its hearty portions. If you’re new to Indian food, I recommend visiting Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant. 

Dine in this place for food located at 2032 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL. Make sure to call 773-761-5300 for more information.

Ghareeb Nawaz restaurant exterior in Chicago

India House Restaurant

India House restaurant invites you in with its pastel walls and lovely smells. Reserve a table and take the time to look over a menu that has 250 items. That’s right, the Indian food here spans many flavors and even has a lunch buffet. When I visit Chicago, I head over to India House restaurant for their gulab jamun. 

Head over to the restaurant located at 59 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL for dinner. Feel free to contact the front desk by phoning 312-645-9500.

India House restaurant exterior

Indian Garden Restaurant

What’s awesome about Indian Garden Restaurant is its two-floor style. The interior is decorated with bright lights and textured furniture. This food place is also known for its classic dishes that bring out Indian culture at its best. Google reviews for Indian Garden Restaurant suggest dining in during buffet hours and enjoying the entrees. 

If you’re looking to vibe with friends, find directions to 247 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL. Call the restaurant at 312-280-4910 to make reservations.

Indian Garden interior restaurant with a bar

ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant

ROOH is an elegant Indian restaurant in Chicago, IL. Showcasing contemporary fare, the eatery also concentrates on Souther Asian cocktails. ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is a top tourist destination when visiting the city. One of my favorite items on the menu is the paneer pasanda. 

Visit this swanky restaurant located at 736 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL. For reservations and more information, call 312-809-6964.

ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian restaurant

Chicago Curry House

Chicago Curry House is an Indian-Nepalese restaurant that serves its food in a gorgeous setting. Eating at this place will make you feel at home, especially with their traditional plates. Chicago Curry House is famous for its momo and garlic naan. I also loved attending this restaurant’s buffet on special occasions. 

Take your friends to Chicago Curry House location which is at 899 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL. For availability, phone the front desk at 312-362-9999.

Chicago Curry House interior with paintings on the wall

Nepal House

Nepal House has several dining options if you feel like eating at home. Of course, I recommend taking the time to dine in at the restaurant and enjoy their lighting. Taste the amazing appetizers and order small plates to share around the table. You can view Nepal House’s menu on this page. 

The address to Nepal House is 1301 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. The phone number to this restaurant is 312-922-0601.

Siri Indian Restaurant

Siri Indian Restaurant reminds me of the times I went eating in India. If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll want to try this food place. Siri Indian Restaurant offers homestyle Indian dishes and is packed with vegetarian options. You will also appreciate the lunch buffet inside this eatery. 

Visit Siri Indian Restaurant located at 1520 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL. Make sure to call ahead for availabiility at 312-766-7474.

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